Save plastic and reduce screenwash burden

We have long had a split in our household. For her car my wife favours the type screen wash that comes, already diluted, in a huge plastic bottle. Me, I have always preferred the concentrated screen wash that you dilute with water in your screen wash bottle.

Wolf Formulations Auto Max Eco Capsules

I’ve always been very particular about screen wash. After all, it is so vital in ensuring you have good visibility.

So, could a new product from Scottish company Wolf Formulations, unite our household?

Auto Max Eco Capsules come in a small blister pack. Rather than hefting a big bottle from the store to the boot of your car, you just pop the blister pack in your pocket.

When it comes to time to top up the windscreen washer, just pop one capsule from the blister pack for every two litres of windscreen washer water.

We put Auto Max Eco Capsules to the test on a summer drive round Europe and it proved every bit as good as the big bottles. Wolf Formulations say that the capsules now include bug removal chemicals. It certainly seemed to work well, even when the screen was quite well plastered with fly squash.

Will it convert my wife from buying those big plastic bottles? Time will tell.

Given the current focus on excess plastics in our environment, something that does away with huge plastic bottles can only be a good thing.
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