The McLaren 720S is even more of a supercar

For a motoring enthusiast, it is the sort of situation that dreams are made of. Here we were at Broomhall House, near Dunfermline, and I was being asked which of the small group McLarens I wanted to drive first.

McLaren 720S

McLaren drive proves a revelation

On the hill roads above Loch Lomond, I settled back into the comfortable seats of the McLaren 570S. I admit that the first few miles had been slightly more frenetic as I got used to the car while threading my way through the heavy afternoon traffic west of Glasgow.

McLaren Spider

New McLaren P1 will have petrol and electric power

The new McLaren P1 will have two power units that will work together to produce 916PS of power. By combining the output of the 3.8-litre petrol V8 and a lightweight electric motor, the design team say the new model will have “superb throttle response, day-to-day drivability” and, of course, a headline grabbing top speed.

McLaren P1
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