Lamborghini - where it all began

In the advent of Lamborghini's new exclusive 800hp Supercar being named HyperVeloce, online car buying website, Sell Your Jamjar has looked back into the whirlwind history of Lamborghini and its founder Ferruccio Lamborghini where it all began with an interesting blog post.

Ferruccio_Lamborghini_With_Miura_SV-1

Footballers league table of driving offences

With the World Cup upon us specialist driving solicitors Hammond Trotter have produced an infographic about footballers who have taken their eye off the ball and landed themselves with a driving offence.

.Driving-Offences-Footballers-Infographic_sm

Sponsored: How to find Nissan cars for sale in Glasgow

Glasgow is the third largest city in the whole of the UK and getting around it can be a bit of a chore without your own set of wheels. Whether you are planning on finding your way through the bustling city streets or exploring the wider countryside, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to the type of vehicle best suited for the job.

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Sponsored: Top Excuses Given For Putting Off a Driving Test

For many people, driving is among the most pleasurable experiences available. A majority of adults in the UK have a driving licence, but there are those who find the learning experience so traumatic or nerve-wracking that they simply put off their driving test for whatever reason they can think of. This article details five of the most common excuses used by learners to delay having to sit their test.

driving 1311

Sponsored: Taking the Scenic Route: 6 Amazing Drives Through Europe

Whether you’re visiting specifically for a driving holiday, or you simply hire a rental car while in Europe in order to get around, you absolutely have to enjoy some of this continent’s amazing roads.

Amalfi

Sponsored: Stressed, anxious and tired

The daily commute is sapping the spark out of Britain’s drivers as they spend over a week behind the wheel each year.

Traffic

Sponsored: Price comparison websites remain the cheapest way to gain a better insurance policy

Recent reports from the AA motoring association suggest that, for the first time in several years, car insurance premiums have fallen across the industry after a prolonged period of big increases and inflation. Read More...

Sponsored Post: Protect Your Car This Winter

It is always worthwhile keeping on top of your car’s condition, but this becomes even more important when winter hits. The bad weather can cause some treacherous driving conditions. Make sure you are prepared for the worst by following some of this helpful advice. Read More...

Sponsored: Driving Daily - Commuter safety tips

The latest studies have found that the average worker spends the best part of 200 hours commuting in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but we also tend to spend more than £200 on food while driving, but we digress. Unsurprisingly, the biggest commute is for people in London, but generally the further you go to get to work the more you earn – so, it’s not all bad.

Commuting

Sponsored video: Chevrolet Volt video

Using the theme of a Zombie attack and the need for a ‘fast pair of wheels’ to make your getaway, a new video has been released to promote the Chevrolet Volt – a new electric car with a conventional motor to extend its range.

Chevrolet Volt

Used family cars

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion
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