Volvo tests new technology to cut fuel consumption 20%

Volvo says it is testing new flywheel technology that it says will not only make a four-cylinder engine feel like a six-cylinder, but will also reduce fuel consumption by 20%. Read More...

Volvo's concept car is designed to provoke

For Volvo, now owned by Chinese company Geely, the Shanghai Motor Show is obviously of particular importance and so it was appropriate that they used the event to launch a concept car designed to provoke discussion about the future design direction for the company.

Volvo Concept Universe

Volvo S60 - more rewarding by degree

With the launch of the new Volvo S60, the Swedish manufacturer clearly has two messages it wants to get across to potential buyers. Well known for safety, they want to tell the world that they now produce stylish cars. They also want to persuade us that the S60 is a real driver’s car.

Volvo S60
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