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Hi, there are two of us who run drive blog.

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I’m David. Having been a professional driver for many years, you’d think I wouldn’t really want to drive as a hobby!

For me, there is no better way to explore this beautiful world of ours than by car.

There is so much you can experience on the road that you don’t get to with other modes of travel, from finding hidden gems to tracking down lesser-known attractions

Here, I share useful, practical tips I’ve picked up from many years of enjoying road travel so you can see more, do more, and avoid some of the missteps I’ve made over the years.

Ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to help you on your travels to make them easier and more enjoyable. 

DriveBlog brings you motoring news, reviews and comment. Ranked one of the top ten UK automotive blogs by media company Cision.

Please check back often as we are constantly adding new content.

My Background

I’ve been heavily involved in the car delivery business as a “plater” responsible for the logistics of delivering cars, vans, motorhomes etc.

Nowadays, I make my living online through several motoring related websites.

I started my first website as a hobby in 2003 and during the intervening years I have owned car parts websites, and websites like this one specialising in motoring in the UK and throughout Europe.

From 2008 I started making a full time living online.

Drive Blog

Extraordinary Adventures

We cover track days, road trips, car and accessory reviews. If it is motoring related we create content about it.

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All the views are our own and we take no responsibility for any actions you take based on what you have read here.

We merely offer information, not Advice.