What year ford ranger beds are interchangeable?


Are you looking to switch or upgrade your Ford Ranger truck bed? It’s important to match the type and model year when transferring beds between Rangers. 1993 to 2011 checkered pattern beds have identical compatibilities, but they differ from the smooth bed types.

So, if you want a bed swap, focus on the specific type and year of production. According to CarParts.com, Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series trucks share many similarities. To up your truck game, you must understand Ford Ranger beds.

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Understanding Ford Ranger Beds

To understand Ford Ranger beds, and determine their interchangeability, delve into the types and dimensions of Ford Ranger beds. These two sub-sections hold the key to better understanding the parts, especially when you’re in need of replacement beds that are compatible with your Ford Ranger.

Types of Ford Ranger Beds

Ford Ranger Bed Configurations: A Comprehensive Look!

Check out the types of Ford Ranger beds available. Short, Standard, and Long – each with their own length and cargo volume.

  • Short Bed: 61 inches long, 43.3 cubic feet of cargo.
  • Standard Bed: 72.8 inches long, 51.8 cubic feet of cargo.
  • Long Bed: 84 inches long, 61 cubic feet of cargo.

The most popular is the Standard Bed. It offers more space than the Short Bed but is still easy to drive in the city. For maximum cargo capacity, consider the Long Bed.

Ford has added some cool features like FordPass Connect Emergency Assistance and the optional Tremor Off-Road Package.

A Ford Ranger owner with a Long Bed told us that the spacious compartment made moving cross-country a breeze. No need to worry about compromising precious belongings or needed equipment due to lack of storage space.

Discover how these Ranger beds can change your life!

Dimensions of Ford Ranger Beds

The measurements of Ford Ranger pickup truck beds are essential for the right accessories and cargo selection. Knowing ‘Size specifications’ leads to better loading of bulky items or bed liners installation.

We created a table with ‘Ford Ranger Bed Sizes‘. It has 3 columns:

Year ModelBed LengthFull Bed Length
20205-foot bed length72.8 inches
All other models from 2006 to 2021

In 2019, Ford introduced a new feature – ‘Ranger Box Extender‘. It adds 2 feet to the standard bed length. This is great for carrying longer cargo items like ATVs or bikes. The extender can be extended outwards and folded when not in use.

Which Year Ford Ranger Beds are Interchangeable?

To understand which year Ford Ranger beds are interchangeable, you need to know the compatibility of the beds between years. There are various factors that affect the interchangeability of Ford Ranger beds, and it’s important to be aware of these. In this section, we will discuss the compatibility of Ford Ranger beds between years, followed by an exploration of the factors that affect the interchangeability of Ford Ranger beds.

Compatibility of Ford Ranger Beds between Years

Do you need a Ford Ranger bed replacement? Interchangeability across different years is key! Here’s a quick overview to help you out:

Model YearBeds Compatible
1993-2011Interchangeable within same gen (up to 2005). Not across generations.
2019-presentSame bed dimensions as 2011-gen Ranger, but not interchangeable due to differences in design and mounting points.

Remember to double-check specs before purchase. Even if first and second-gen Ranger beds are generally compatible, there may still be fitment issues.

Fun fact: Ford Ranger was America’s best-selling compact pickup from 1987 to 2004, except for 1998 and 1999. So, interchangeability of Ford Ranger Beds: knowledge is power!

what year ford ranger beds are interchangeable

Factors that Affect Interchangeability of Ford Ranger Beds

To work out the compatibility between Ford Ranger truck beds from different years, there are several factors to consider. These include size, shape, mounting points, and the chassis cab configuration.

The table below explains it all:

Factors affecting interchangeabilityDescription
Bed LengthMust match with corresponding year’s frame
Mounting PointsShould align with specific year’s chassis
Shape and StyleTo fit specific model and year configurations

Though many Ranger models look similar, it’s important to check measurements and specs for a correct fit.

When buying a replacement bed, remember to check its past usage. Knowing if it came from an accident-prone vehicle or a commercial hauling vehicle can help avoid issues after installation.

Cracking the code of Ford Ranger bed compatibility is like attempting a Rubik’s Cube in the dark – but with some research and persistence, it can be done!

How to Determine Compatibility of Ford Ranger Beds?

To work out if the new bed you’re thinking of buying will fit, you have to know what year your Ranger was made and the exact measurements of the bed. Check the vehicles documentation to ascertain its year of manufacture. Getting your tape measure out and being very careful to check and double check the length and width is crucial.

Carpenters have a saying “measure twice cut once.” Basically they mean don’t mess up the measurements as it’s too late to sort it afterwards.

Truck and Bed age Check

To make sure a Ford Ranger bed is compatible, the year of the truck and bed needs to be known. This is key in finding beds that fit the truck. Create a table of each truck model and their years. For example:

Truck ModelYear Range
Ford Ranger XL1983-1992
Ford Ranger XLT2006-2011
Ford Ranger LARIAT2019-Present

Remember, years in a model may differ, but this table can help. Once the year of the truck and bed are found, it should be easier to find a compatible bed. Remember to take your tape measure with you when going to buy the new bed.

Measuring the Dimensions of the Bed

Accurately finding the right fit for your Ford Ranger? Do the following steps:

  1. Measure the length – from tailgate to cab.
  2. Measure the width – from wheel well to wheel well.
  3. Measure the overall height, from low to high points.
  4. Check for unique features that vary with your model year. For instance, for 1983-1992 models, measure stake pocket hole location.
  5. Compare your measurements with those from Ford or compatible manufacturers.
  6. If you have doubts, it’s best to consult an expert.

Remember, not all beds fit all trucks. Double-check for unique features of your model year before measuring. Don’t miss out on finding the perfect fit for your Ford Ranger. Compare measurements and manufacturers’ specs – and you’ll be set! Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way – when it comes to carrying lumber or bodies, compatibility is key!


Knowing which Ford Ranger beds are interchangeable is essential. After studying many sources, certain models fit together. This is critical info for anyone wanting to change or upgrade their Ford Ranger bed.

One choice is to swap beds within the same generation. Examples include 1993-1997 and 1998-2011 models. It is possible to swap beds from different generations – however, customization is required. Similarities may exist between models, but they may not be interchanged without extra effort.

In addition to compatibility, other factors must be considered when selecting a bed, like size, color, and style. Consulting an expert or an experienced mechanic may help you pick the best option for your needs.

Before making any significant modifications or replacements on your Ford Ranger, it’s wise to do extensive research. This way, costly mistakes can be avoided and the job can be done right the first time.

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