Are X Type Jaguars Reliable

Are Jaguar X Type Reliable?

In my view if you stick to the diesels then yes, they are very reliable. Over the last 15 years I’ve owned three X-Type Jaguars one after the other.

I’m not some car journalist who has a car for a weekend and writes a review. I’ve actually owned Jaguar X-Types for many years.

You will know that I’m a genuine Jaguar X-Type owner when I tell you, the 3 channels tuned in on my Radio are, Radio 2, Heart FM and Smooth.

My X-Type history

3.0 Litre V6 Petrol

The first one I owned was a 3.0 litre V6 petrol, SE model and that one was the only one that gave me any trouble, but the two diesels have proved to be bullet proof.

The 3.0 litre V6 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) was great to drive. It had real comfort and could cruise all day but if you were in a hurry then the acceleration and top speed were more than sufficient. 0-60 mph in 7.4 secs and top speed 145 mph.

Of the three I’ve owned this one was the newest and most expensive. At just 3 years old with one owner and a full jag service history it had done just 9,500 miles.

It was mint. The guy who owned it was about 70 and l when I said while viewing it, that it looked like no one had ever sat in the back seats he said, “nobody ever has”.

I used to get about 17 mpg round town and 35 on a run, but as I never do too many miles each year those figures were not unduly worrying.

It only ever had one mechanical issue, but it was a big one, so sadly it meant it had to go. The transfer box* started to make the dreaded noise.

*Often referred to as “transfer case”.

Transfer Box Problems on AWD X-Types

When Ford bought Jaguar, they wanted the transmission and transfer box to not be “consumer serviceable”. By that they meant they were “sealed for life.”

Unfortunately, this was a monumental misinformation.

They were supposed to be done by a Jag trained mechanic every 50,000 miles or so I believe. This meant that many owners, me included thought that “life meant life”.

Because it was never supposed to be checked by the owner, there was no dip stick or any other simple way to assess the levels.

Like many people I was blissfully unaware that they did in fact lose fluid over time and when that happens, eventually you are going to have a major issue.

I’ve been driving since 1976 and the V6 was, along with a Vauxhall Omega I owned, my joint top favourite car of mine.

So, to lose it through no real fault of my own was tough to take.

Being wise after the event isn’t much use and now of course I know all about these issues.

I checked out a good jaguar forum and suggest you check out specialist forums also before buying any second-hand car.

Those guys really are knowledgeable.

2.0L Diesel

To avoid the possibility of a transfer box issue I opted for the fuel of Satan for my next one.

I didn’t really want to as although I’m no boy racer I liked the fact the V6 could step on it if I needed it to.

Mind you getting 40 mpg round town and 60 mpg on a run was a great consolation, even though this was back in the days when a litre of diesel was less than £1.

0-60 was a leisurely 9.5 seconds and a top speed of just 125 mph. though tbh 125 mph is faster than I need these days.

I liked the colour, a nice graphite grey with black leather interior was a good look.

My 3rd X-Type and 2nd Diesel.

Went for a black one this time also with black interior and this one was better than the grey one. Even though it was older, cheaper, and higher mileage when I bought it.

Value for money wise, this has been a dream car. If it blows up tomorrow it owes me nothing. Though hopefully it won’t!

The only thing about the diesel ones is the fact that when you start them on a cold morning, they do sound like a piece of old farm machinery.

Once warmed up though and tootling along they are much quieter. My only slight bugbear is the front screen does seem to mist up more than other cars I’ve had. Read about fogging/steamed up windows here.

How many miles can a Jaguar X-Type Last?

Well, both of my diesel X-Types have done over 150,00 miles and my current one is fast approaching 200,000.

I keep thinking if it fails the MOT, I’ll get rid of it, but it keeps passing them. That said I can’t believe it will pass the next one, but at 18 years old it has had a good innings.

Does the Jaguar X-Type have a Ford engine?

Well ignoring the fact that jaguar is owned by Ford, so all their engines are technically Fords, then no it doesn’t have a Ford Engine, as such.

A lot of it is taken from the Ford Mondeo and why wouldn’t it be? The Mondeo has always had great engines.

When Jaguar/Ford had the idea of bringing out a car to challenge the all-powerful BMW 3 series, on paper it was a great idea.

However actually producing a car capable of being better than the rear-wheel-drive BMW was almost impossible.

Is the X-type Jaguar just a Mondeo?

This I feel is an unfair criticism. I understand that old time, traditional Jaguar enthusiasts were not thrilled with the X-Type when it was launched.

However, with only about 20% of the innards interchangeable, for me personally it has not diminished my love for the X-type.

There are many cars that are virtually identical to each other except the badge on the bonnet and boot, so I don’t see the issue.

The X-Type layout is very much modelled on the Mondeo, but I believe that to be a good thing.

I had a brand-new Mondeo 2.0L diesel as a company car in 1992 and it was a great car.

Is the X-Type jaguar just a Mondeo

Is the 2002 Jaguar X-Type reliable?

My first X-type (the V6) was a 2002 model and if I’d known about the transfer box leak, then yes it would have been 100% reliable.

I still see plenty of the 2002 diesels driving around but as I’m writing this in 2022 you must be realistic if you are thinking of buying one now.

What is the lifespan of a Jaguar?

You can’t really answer that question as there are so many variables. How long is a piece of string, as my dad would always say, to a question like that.

If you wrap it in cling film and store it in a vacuum bag it will last forever, but if you want to do 15- 20k miles a year in it, without bothering to service or maintain it – then not so much.

I suggest you check the oil filter at least once a year. Read benefits of changing the oil filter.

As I said above my current X-type (the black one) is 18 years old and still going well mechanically. The bodywork doesn’t look great but that says more about me than the car.

People ask me “How long do jaguar engines last?”

I tell them that the diesels that are well looked after, will probably out live you! I’ve never had a break down in either of mine.

If you are thinking of buying one, check out the Jaguar x-type forum for tips on what to look out for.

If you do buy one, I hope you get one as reliable and cheap to run as mine have been. When it comes to the diesels I’m a huge fan.

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